A group of lucky fans were invited to Taylor Swift’s house to hear her new album before its release

According to the loyal Swifties, 'Lover' contains some 'true tearjerkers'

Taylor Swift invited a group of lucky fans to a secret listening session at her house in London yesterday (August 2) to hear her forthcoming new album ‘Lover’.

While Swift’s new album isn’t due out for another few weeks (August 23), the star treated some of her most dedicated fans to an exclusive listen at a secret session at her home, after which the fans rushed to social media to reveal what happened.

“The album was AMAZING. So many amazing bops and also some true tearjerkers (archer who?????),” wrote one fan on Twitter. “I believe there’s something for everyone on that album. There’s some really stripped down stuff and some hardcore bops.”


She continued: “Since I’m not allowed to say that much more about the music I’ll write some random things I remember from the sessions:

“She made us rice crispy treats, shaped as hearts and they were pink and blue and purple.

“She had custom M&Ms, some that said LOVER and some with hearts.”

Other fans posted photos of themselves with Swift, of gift bags and pins, and excitedly tweeted about eating cookies, chocolate and wardrobes full of boardgames.


Meanwhile, Taylor Swift is set to receive the first ever Icon Award at next month’s Teen Choice Awards.

At the ceremony, which takes place in Hermosa Beach, California on August 11, Swift will be celebrated for her career, as well as “using her voice and platform to inspire and create positive change.”