Listen to Indonesian indie band Grrrl Gang’s exclusive playlist to accompany The Cover

Ever been ‘Passed Out On The Kitchen Floor At 2am’? This playlist should resonate with you

This week’s star of The Cover on NME, Grrrl Gang, have shared a playlist exclusively to accompany the story’s launch – listen to it below.

The Indonesian indie band are on this week’s (October 2) edition of The Cover, a renewal of NME’s commitment to supporting emerging talent across the globe on a weekly basis. Every week, a rising artist will feature on The Cover – you can read Grrrl Gang’s profile here, featuring photography by Hafiyyan Faza.

The trio of Angeeta Sentana, Edo Alventa and Akbar Rumandung have compiled a soundtrack to the messy aftermath of a night out: a playlist titled ‘Passed Out On The Kitchen Floor At 2am’. Besides indie faves Pixies, Mitski and Talking Heads, expect lots of hip hop – especially Drake tunes.


Listen to the full playlist on Spotify below and on Apple Music.

The chaotic theme of their playlist resonates with the way Grrrl Gang’s recently released debut album ‘Spunky!’ gets off to a frenzied start. But that whirlwind of energy soon reveals darker, worrying origins.

“The overall theme of this album is how reckless you can be when you’re younger, especially between the ages of 22 and 24,” vocalist and guitarist Sentana tells NME, “and also the mental health issues that you might be facing during this time because it’s a huge transition within your life.”

The album reckons with those issues – and reaches an optimistic resolution. “I want to give that hopeful message to everyone who listens: that it’s not going to be like this forever,” Sentana explains.

Grrrl Gang also want to serve as an inspiration for women musicians and songwriters in Indonesia’s music scene. “We always thought that this band had to have a female perspective for all lyrics and narration,” Rumandung says. “We never had that before, especially in Indonesia where the industry and community are too masculine sometimes.” Adds Sentana, “I just hope I inspire young women to pick up a guitar or any musical instrument and write their own songs.”


Read the full Cover story with Grrrl Gang here.

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