The veteran indie rockers return with a "pop, prog and psychedelic" record - and it's got Elliott Smith on keyboards...

GUIDED BY VOICES have completed their new album, ‘BROADCASTER HOUSE’, which features ELLIOTT SMITH on keyboards.

Speaking to US website [url=]www.sonicnet.com, GBV mainman Robert Pollard said the album “gets back to more of a roller-coaster effect. It’s the way I’d like a GBV album to sound. It’s got all the P’s on it – pop, prog, psychedelic”.

Describing the lyrics as “still kind of cryptic”, the album is due for release in March 2001. As exclusively revealed on NME.COM, Elliott Smith has contributed a piano part on one track for ‘Broadcaster House’.

The album has been produced and mixed by Rob Schnapf, who also mixed the first Foo Fighters album, produced Beck’s ‘Mellow Gold’. He also worked on Elliott Smith’s last three albums.

‘Broadcaster House’ will be released in March 2001 through TVT Records.

Tracks cited for inclusion on the new record include ‘Glad Girls’, ‘Chasing Heather Crazy’ and ‘Run Wild’. The first two are being slated as future singles.

In addition, Pollard’s side project, Hazzard Hotrods have made their new album, ‘Big Trouble’ available via the GBV website, [url=]www.gbv.com.