Guided By Voices announce “world tour” livestream, announce new album ‘Mirrored Aztec’

The band will livestream a performance inside an empty Ohio venue

The perennially-prolific Guided By Voices have announced their second album of 2020, alongside a new one night only “world tour” livestream for later this month.

The band will play a live concert in an empty venue in frontman Robert Pollard’s hometown of Dayton, Ohio, to be livestreamed from 10pm UK time on July 17. It’s a ticketed virtual event, with 20 per cent of proceeds to go towards venues the band have played over their nearly 40-year career. Tickets are available here.

It’s set to be something of a launch for their concurrently announced second album of the year, and 30th of their careers, ‘Mirrored Aztec’.


“This is an upbeat, bright pop album (it’s still weird) that is important because it marks Guided By Voices’ 30th album,” Pollard told Rolling Stone

They’ve also shared the first single, ‘Haircut Sphinx’, a bluesy guitar stomp. Listen to it below:

Guided By Voices released ‘Surrender Your Poppy Field’ in January of this year, after dropping three records in 2019. Pollard himself has been involved in the release of no less than 107 albums to date.

Accordingly, the band launched their own streaming service back in May entitled HOT FREAKS, named for a track from their 1994 album ‘Bee Thousand’. They’ve used it to send a weekly email with previews of new songs, rarities, unreleased tracks, demos, live concert recordings, rare photos and videos and more. They’ve asked subscribers not to share its content outside of the service.


‘Mirrored Aztec’ will be released on August 21.