Guillemots to release four albums in six months

The first is an 'ode to springtime' and is entitled 'Hello Land!'

Guillemots are set to release four albums over the course of the next six months.

The first of the four LPs is entitled ‘Hello Land!’ and is out now. An “ode to springtime” it was produced by Jonas Raabe and features the Norwegian Flute Ensemble. The band have said that the music has all been made in the Norwegian countryside in “our little Narnia”.

Writing on their website, the band said:

We decided last year that we didn’t really want to make another record in the traditional cycle where you record an album, sit on it for months as a press campaign builds up to its release, and then tour it for months afterwards.

They continued: “It feels way more exciting to make as much music as we can, put it out as soon as it’s ready, and let people gradually find out about it through the year.”

At the end of this year, all four albums will be released in a boxset.

The four releases follow their 2011 album, ‘Walk The River’, which was the band’s third LP.