“A guitar legend”: Matt Bellamy presents Tom Morello with a custom built guitar

"Tom Morello has been a huge inspiration to me"

Muse frontman Matt Bellamy has presented Tom Morello with a custom built guitar.

Bellamy described the Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave guitarist as “a huge inspiration” as Muse’s current world tour comes to a close. Morello has been joining Muse as a guest on their ‘Simulation Theory’ world tour.

Posting on Instagram earlier today (June 8), Bellamy shared a picture of Morello with the guitar. He said Morello was “a huge inspiration to me growing up, a guitar legend.”


Bellamy added: “Proud to be able to give him a guitar I had made inspired by his playing and his message. Thanks for joining us on this UK tour, it’s been a blast!”

You can see the post below.

Earlier today, it was announced that Bellamy has bought the Devon workshop which has custom built his guitars for over twenty years. The company, Manson Guitar Works, announced that Bellamy was a “majority shareholder” on June 7.

Speaking about the purchase, Bellamy said: “I’m excited to be taking ownership of Manson Guitar Works and developing its potential in the future.

“Having played Manson Guitars since I was able to co-design my first custom guitar I have the best insight into the products.”


Meanwhile, Morello took aim at Nigel Farage last week during his appearance with Muse after taping a “Fuck Farage” sign to the back of his guitar.

Morello had previously branded the politician a “pissweale” after the he adopted the ‘Farage Against the Machine’ title for his LBC podcast. Morello later warned Farage several times against using Rage’s ‘Killing In The Name of’ at Ukip Rallies.

“That son of a bitch better stop using RATM as an underpinning for his racist diatribes, or we’re coming for him. Warning issued,” Morello said.