Axl Rose once refused to go on stage until a roadie had collected his jacket from another country

The Guns N' Roses frontman wouldn't perform without his yellow jacket

Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose once sent a roadie to another country to collect a jacket before he would go on stage.

The singer, who is notorious for being late to shows, apparently refused to start a gig until he was reunited with his yellow jacket.

Director and former music journalist Cameron Crowe, promoting his new TV show Roadies, said in a new interview that he had once overheard some roadies talking about “yellow-jacketing” and enquired as to what they meant.


As Metal Injection reports, he explained: “They said, ‘There was a guy that worked with Guns N’ Roses, and there was a show and Axl Rose needed a yellow jacket that he’d left in England before he would perform. So a roadie was given the job to get on a plane as fast as possible, go to London, find Axl Rose’s yellow jacket, and come back so he could play the show.'”

Crowe continued: “The best part about that story is not that somebody had to go get a yellow jacket for Axl Rose, but that it became such lore among other roadies that it became a verb — to yellow-jacket.”