Watch as Axl Rose reveals plans for new Guns N’ Roses album, UK tour and his autobiography

Rose also plans to make an album with AC/DC

Axl Rose has revealed that the reunited Guns N’ Roses are considering making a new album together.

The band reformed this year for their first shows with Slash and Duff McKagan since 1993. Rose has also replaced Brian Johnson as the singer in AC/DC, and says he may also make an album with them.

In a talk to 100 fans at London’s China Exchange, Rose added he also wants to write a book about his time in Guns N’ Roses.


On plans for a new album, Rose said: “We are working on new stuff. I’ve got a lot of stuff. I played some of it to Slash and Duff, and they liked it. They might play on it.”

The reunion shows are currently in the US, but Rose said: “We intend going for quite a while. We’re hoping to play some shows over here (in the UK).”

Talking about the atmosphere in Guns N’ Roses since he reunited with Slash, Rose said they first discussed reforming during a phone call in 2015. “Slash and I hadn’t talked in 19 years, and it was a good talk,” said Rose.

Once the band began rehearsals for their comeback, Rose said: “To Slash’s credit, he and Duff worked very hard. I didn’t have to tell Slash about embracing anything.” The reunion shows have seen the band play songs from 2008’s ‘Chinese Democracy’, which features a different line-up. “But I didn’t have to tell Slash how to play ‘Chinese Democracy’ songs. He just embraced them and worked really hard.”

As well as Guns N’ Roses, Rose added he hopes to play more shows with AC/DC. He has temporarily replaced Brian Johnson, who has been having treatment for hearing problems. While Johnson recovers, Rose said he has been talking to guitarist Angus Young “And we are talking about working together.”


In a the 50-minute interview conducted by businessman Sir David Tang, Rose said one of the main bones of contention between him and Slash was over the guitarist’s 2007 autobiography Slash: The Autobiography. Rose said: “I was saying to Slash ‘You wrote a lot of stuff that didn’t happen. It’s not real.’”

Rose said he’d like to write his own memoir about Guns N’ Roses, but admitted: “It’s hard to write things in a way that doesn’t look like you’re being negative to everyone else and calling them a liar.”

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