Guns N’ Roses: ‘Making a new album is our priority’

DJ Ashba says he's got 12 tracks written for the band's new album

Guns N’ Roses have said that recording the follow-up to ‘Chinese Democracy’ is now their ‘priority’.

The band, who released their sixth album a full 15 years after their fifth album, completed their touring commitments at the end of 2011 and their guitarist DJ Ashba has said that he and frontman Axl Rose are busy working on material for their seventh album.

Speaking to about the band’s plans, the guitarist said: ”I can say making a new album absolutely is our main priority. And I cannot wait to get working on it. Axl has tonnes and tonnes of stuff recorded as it is. I mean, he sits there in his hotel room and he’ll play me hours of stuff. And I’ve written over ten songs, I think 12 songs now, for him that he really likes.”

Ashba added that the band weren’t willing to put any kind of date on when they would return to the studio or when the record would be released. He added: “I can’t give anybody a definite date, because I’m not going to give anybody false hope. But it’s absolutely everybody’s goal to get out an album within a reasonable amount of time.”

Speculation continues to mount over whether the original line-up of Guns N’ Roses will reunite for their induction into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, with neither Axl Rose or Slash ruling out the possibility that they could reconnect at the ceremony.

The band will be inducted along with the Faces/Small Faces, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Beastie Boys at a ceremony in Cleveland, Ohio, on April 14.