Guns N’ Roses bassist says band hope to return to the studio soon

Tommy Stinson says the band are ready to begin work on the follow-up to 'Chinese Democracy'

Guns N’ Roses bassist Tommy Stinson has said that the band are keen to return to the studio to record a new album.

The band, who released their sixth album ‘Chinese Democracy’ a full 15 years after their fifth album, are currently in the midst of their first US tour in five years, but bassist Stinson has said they are also eyeing a return to the studio.

He told the Dallas Observer when asked about the prospect of a new album: “I’m not going to say a whole lot about that, but I tell you right now that I certainly hope we do another album. I would love to get everyone back into the studio and make some more stuff happen. I think we have a good band, and each of us has something interesting to offer. I hope we get on this project sooner than later.”

Stinson also defended frontman Axl Rose and described it as a “ballsy move” for the singer to continue under the name Guns N’ Roses after founding members Slash, Duff MacKagan and Izzy Stradlin all departed the band.

He said of this: “Here’s the way it went down. He didn’t start over. The other guys just kind of vacated the band. They said, ‘Fuck it, I don’t want to work.’ Axl just decided to go on. He called me and asked me to do it and got the other guys to do it as well. Axl just wanted to keep working. He didn’t want to start completely over after everything the band had been through. I think it was a pretty ballsy move.”

As well as Stinson, the current line-up of Guns N’ Roses includes keyboardists Dizzy Reed and Chris Pitman, guitarists DJ Ashba, Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal and Richard Fortus and drummer Frank Ferrer.