Axl Rose in Tokyo earthquake, indie backs RATM – what we’ve learnt on Twitter this week (Dec 18)

All the best Tweets from your favourite musicians

It’s Friday again, which means it’s time to look back at what our favourite musicians have been sharing on Twitter over the past seven days. This week, Axl Rose gets caught up in a Tokyo earthquake while touring with Guns N’ Roses, Franz Ferdinand appear to be split on whether Rage Against The Machine should be Christmas Number One or not and Julian Casablancas gets caught up in the spirit of The Grifters.

Here’s some of the best Tweets from the past week, spelling mistakes and all

Tom Morello, Rage Against The Machine: Rage‘s ‘Killing In The Name’ & The X-Factor‘s goofy Christmas single are neck and neck for num one spot on UK chart. England! Now is your time


Bob Hardy, Franz Ferdinand: Just bought the great RATM song. Joe X-Factor is creepy looking and appears dead behind the eyes. I don’t want him to win.

Alex Kapranos, Franz Ferdinand: This should really be Xmas no1

. My fav song of 2009.

Axl Rose: Tokyo!! Good to be back!! Complete w/a refreshing n’ now traditional complimentary morning earthquake!! Yeah boyee

Adam Green: Last night this guy called me the Jewish Serge Gainsbourg. Well why do I feel more like the Jewish Woody Allen then?

The Soft Pack: Shooting the rest of the ‘C’Mon’ video today at my house……. I think I lost the margarita mix.

Amy Winehouse: yesterday i played an sang to na$ on Skype an DIDN’T suffer any panic related fatalities after… an these are our heroes..


Wild Beasts: The Xiu Xiu/Michael Gira duet of ‘Under Pressure’ has made my day yet again.

Julian Casablancas: Interviews and stuff in an empty clothes store. Like being on the set of a movie about grifters. Yes, exactly like that.

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