Axl Rose responds to Slash’s Guns N’ Roses reunion talk

Singer takes to Twitter to quash speculation

Axl Rose has flatly denied any suggestion that he will reunite with the original members of Guns N’ Roses.

The frontman made the denial after ex-Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash recently said he’d consider reuniting with Rose if the singer apologised to him.

Writing on his Twitter page,, Rose wrote: “Contrary to anyone’s claims there are no concrete plans, nor were there ever for a tour and certainly not to replace anyone in the band, beyond a collection of random ideas thrown out by various individuals without any real foundation.”


Slash had said that if Rose ever did phone him to apologise, “I would do whatever it takes to at least have a conversation about it.”

The guitarist left the band in 1996, and is not thought to have spoken to Rose since.