Slash: ‘I turned down eight-figure sum to reunite with Guns N’ Roses’

Guitarist says no amount of money could prompt reunion

Guns N’ Roses‘ former guitarist Slash has revealed that he has turned down “seven, eight digit kinds” of sums of money to reunite with his old band at various times since his departure.

He said that despite the huge amounts of cash being put on the table for him to hook up with frontman Axl Rose – who is fronting the current incarnation of the band – he is still not interested in a reunion.

“I can’t remember exact numbers, but it’s excessive,” he told GQ of the money on offer. “Oh, you know – seven, eight digit kinds of things.”

He added: “I am a pretty realistic kind of person, and don’t expend energy worrying, ‘What if?’. If I hear great music we did together, I respect it for what it was and appreciate it. But I’m not like everyone else around the band who wants to somehow try to recreate it because there’s so much money to be made.”

Slash left Guns N’ Roses in 1996. Axl Rose‘s latest band line-up recently completed a tour of Asia, and are currently on tour in Canada.