Axl Rose sends open letter to the world

Star says 'Chinese Democracy' is a Guns N' Roses album, not a solo effort

Guns N’ RosesAxl Rose has claimed that his band’s latest album, ‘Chinese Democracy’, is a band effort – despite him being the only original member of the rockers using the moniker.

In an open letter to Guns N’ Roses fans, Rose denied that the album was a “solo record”, although he did hint that he may pursue his own material in the future.

“I didn’t make a solo record,” he claimed. “A solo record would be completely different than this and probably much more instrumental.


“I made a Guns record with the right people who were the only people who really wanted to help me try, were qualified and capable while enduring the public abuse for years.”

The frontman went on to claim that he didn’t even have total final say in the album’s creation. “The songs were chosen by everyone involved,” he said. “I didn’t want to do [album track] ‘This I Love’ in any way, shape or form.”

He added, “There’s been a lot of pressure to go with using my name (all external) but that never felt right to me for this band and the parameters in regard to this music have lots more to do with the mindset of Guns than something else.

“I don’t see myself as solely Guns but I do see myself as the only one from the past making the effort to take it forward whether anyone approves or not and giving beyond what many would or fight for to do so.

“The name helped the music more than you could ever know and I’m not talking in regards to studios or budgets, I mean it as in being pushed by something and having to get the music to a place where I can find my peace regardless of what anyone says.”

Hinting at future solo material, Rose added, “No plans not to be Guns for the future. Solo efforts… much more experimental and instrumental.”