Guns N’ Roses speak out about losing guitarist

Robin Finck rejoins Nine Inch Nails

Guns N’ Roses have spoken out about losing their guitarist, Robin Finck, who recently announced that he would rejoin Nine Inch Nails for their upcoming tour.

In a posting on the band’s website, Guns N’ Roses admitted that Finck‘s decision took them by surprise.

Robin‘s plans caught everyone in Guns, as well as our fans, a bit off-guard,” they wrote.


“When we begin to put tour plans together, we’ll see where things are. Until then, Robin’s touring with NIN and we’re working with management on our game plans.”

Finck originally played in Nine Inch Nails in the mid-1990s before joining Guns N’ Roses as a replacement for previous guitarists Slash and Buckethead.

Guns N’ Roses also said that they are “in negotiations” for the release of their forthcoming album ‘Chinese Democracy’, and assured that “things are going well.”

–By our Los Angeles staff.

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