Guns N’ Roses’ ‘Chinese Democracy’ leaks

Nine 'mastered' tracks surface on the internet

Nine tracks from Guns N’ Roses‘ long-awaited ‘Chinese Democracy’ album have been leaked.

The songs, reportedly “mastered [and] finished”, were leaked on a site yesterday (June 18), but have since been taken down.

Six of the tracks had been leaked in less completed states before, but three tracks have never been heard before, including ‘Rhiad And The Bedouins’ and ‘If The World’.

Some of the songs feature the group’s trademark guitar bombast, while others include piano, orchestrations and flamenco influences.

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The leaked tracks are:


‘The Blues’

‘Chinese Democracy’



‘There Was A Time’

‘Rhiad And The Bedouins’

‘If The World’


‘Chinese Democracy’ has been in the making since 1994, and has so far cost over $13 million to make.

Only Axl Rose remains from the band’s original line-up.