Guns N’ Roses song mistaken for death threat

Teacher calls police after hearing lyrics

A lyric from a Guns N’ Roses track was mistaken for a death threat by a teacher in America.

The school teacher at the Booth Free School in Roxbury Connecticut thought she was being threatened when she heard the words :“‘You’re in the jungle/Baby, you’re gonna die’” over the public address system in the school.

The lyrics from ’Welcome to The Jungle’, heard after hours by the teacher on Wednesday (December 12), led her to call the police and barricade herself in her classroom.

When the police arrived, they found three teenagers playing karaoke with the PA system.

Police handcuffed the teenagers but released them after they children told the officers they were alone in the building and had not meant any harm, reports The Rock Radio.

Sergeant Brian Van Ness told the Associated Press: “These things happen. Lucky it was humorous. You kind of have a gut feeling. As soon as we got there we spoke to the three kids. They understood.”