The band suffer another blow - and there's still no sign of that album...

Guns N’ Roses guitarist BUCKETHEAD has quit after a four-year stint during which the band released no new material.

The eccentric star, who wears a fried-chicken bucket on his head and talks only through a hand puppet, has become fed up with the band’s inertia, his manager told MTV. Guns N’ Roses have not released a brand new studio album since 1991 (bar a covers album in 1993) and have rarely toured.

Guns N’ Roses are scheduled to headline the Rock In Rio festival in Lisbon on May 30. It is as yet unclear whether the band will have a new guitarist by then.


Buckethead is now likely to focus on numerous projects, including two solo albums — ‘Population Overdrive’ and ‘Cuckoo Clocks of Hell’ which are scheduled for release this summer. There are also reports that a ‘supergroup’ called Col. Claypool’s Bucket of Bernie Brains featuring Buckethead, Primus bassist Les Claypool, Guns N’ Roses drummer Brain and legendary funk keyboardist Bernie Worrell will release an album this summer.

There is still no sign of Guns N’ Roses‘s long-delayed ‘Chinese Democracy’ album. The band’s label Geffen released a greatest hits compilation on Monday (March 15).