Axl Rose released from prison

The singer pays fine following hotel incident

Guns N’ Roses singer Axl Rose was released from jail in Sweden last night (June 28).

The star was freed after pleading guilty to violent conduct and criminal damage following an incident in the lobby of Stockholm‘s Berns Hotel during the early hours of June 27.

The singer agreed to pay a 40,000 Krona (£3,000) fine, and will also pay 10,000 krona (£750) damages to the security guard he is allegeded to have bitten on the leg, BBC News reports.

Police explained the singer was intoxicated at the time of arrest, and was held until they deemed him sober enough for questioning.

A spokesperson added that “the matter is now concluded”.

Guns N’ Roses were in Sweden for a show at Stockholm‘s Globe Arena on June 26, they now head to Oslo, Norway, where they are due to play tonight (June 28).