The song is thought to be from the group's long-delayed 'Chinese Democracy' album...

Confusion surrounds a new GUNS N’ ROSES

track, supposedly played on the radio by accident… by an American Baseball player.

The track, thought to be the first offering from long-threatened new Guns N’ Roses

album ‘Chinese Democracy’, was inadvertently played on New York Q104.3’s ‘Friday Night Rocks With Eddie Trunk’. New York MetsCatcher Mike Piazza, a guest on the show, persuaded Trunk to play a CD marked ‘Guns’n’Roses, ‘IRS’’ last Friday (29 August).

Described by callers as ‘combining rock and techno’, the track is said to distinctly feature G N’R frontman Axl Rose and guitarist Buckethead.

The track’s authenticity was cemented by calls from the band’s management, who demanded that the track was retrieved. Station Program Director Bob Buchman told MTV, “We’ve gotten hundreds, dare I say thousands of emails since, urging us to play it again, but we can’t because the management flipped when they heard it on air.”

Only one track, ‘Madagascar’ – previewed at the 2002 MTV Video Music Awards – had previously been heard from ‘Chinese Democracy’, although they have played the odd new song live.

While management did not take any legal action, Buchmann vouched for the credibility of a new Guns N’ Roses track ending up in the custody of the sportsman. “Mike is a huge music fan. The truth is, Mike is so passionate about certain music that I would argue that he’s in the top ten list of real music fans that a band might circulate unreleased stuff to. Piazza’s a riot. He’s as passionate as they come.”

There is still no news of a release date for the long-awaited ‘Chinese Democracy’.