Police use pepper spray as thousands vent their fury in Vancouver...

Thousands of GUNS N’ ROSES fans rioted in VANCOUVER last night (November 7) after frontman AXL ROSE failed to turn up for the opening gig of the North American leg on their world tour.

According to eyewitness reports, barriers were hurled through box office windows at the GM Place and police were drafted in using pepper spray and clubs to disperse the crowd, who pelted them with rocks in return.

According to reports on Canadian site, trouble began after the doors didn’t open at 6.30pm as scheduled, with fans shouting “B.S.” in the queue. An announcement was made at 7.40pm, ten minutes after the show was due to begin, saying it would not go ahead, and trouble flared, with windows at the GM Place being smashed and barriers being thrown through them.


Police were called, and, according to, used pepper spray on the crowd. Fireworks were set off in their direction and rocks hurled at them from across the car park. The trouble lasted for around an hour.

A spokesperson for the band said Rose’s plane was grounded by poor weather at Los Angeles airport and it was impossible for him to make the gig. The rest of the band had rehearsed at the venue on Wednesday without him. The spokesperson said that tonight’s scheduled show at Tacoma, Washington would go ahead as scheduled.

Guns ‘N Roses have a history of running late and no-shows. At this year’s Carling Weekend Leeds Festival in August, the band went on stage two hours late, demanding to be allowed to finish their set – despite the fact festival organisers can be fined for over-running stage curfews – with Rose declaring from the stage that there would be a riot if they were not allowed to play their whole show.

If you were at the GM Place in Vancouver last night, email and tell us what happened.