The Howard Hughes of rock speaks out...

Guns N’ Roses front man Axl Rose has broken his silence to talk to MTV about the forthcoming new album which is now titled ‘Chinese Democracy’.

Rose has become a recluse with only occasional sightings in the past decade. Reports have filtered out of the recording studio as the bands fell apart – Slash, Matt Sorum and Duff McKagan all drifted away one at a time – and new members were brought in.

G’N’R returned with a new track on the soundtrack of The End Of Days called ‘Oh My God’ which has already whipped up unprecedented interest in the band, showing a completely different direction to the traditional rock sound that made the band in the 80s.

“There’s some really heavy songs, there’s some really aggressive songs, but they’re all in different styles and different sounds. It is truly a melting pot,” he told an MTV reporter by phone. “I originally wanted to make a traditional record or try to get back to an ‘Appetite…’ thing or something, because that would have been a lot easier for me to do. I was involved in a lot of lawsuits for Guns N’ Roses and in my own personal life, so I didn’t have a lot of time to try and develop a new style or reinvent myself, so I was hoping to write a traditional thing, but I was not really allowed to do that.”

He also said that the seclusion will end as the band get out next year and tour with the record.

The band’s new live album ‘Live Era 1987 – 1993’ is out on Geffen next week.