AXL ROSE's life and career is the basis of an upcoming "Gilbert And Sullivan-style opera"...

AXL ROSE, leader of long-time lost LA heavy rockers Guns N’ Roses, is the basis of a ‘Gilbert And Sullivan-style opera’ based upon his life entitled White Trash Wins Lotto, reports US website E!Online. Axl (pictured in his full LA rock glory) has so far made no comment on the project.

The writer is Andy Prieboy who uses “an Axl-like character” in his musical which aims to poke at fun at the ’80s music scene in general. Prieboy, onetime singer with ’80s band Wall Of Voodoo tasted a lick of success himself in the ’80s with his band’s hit ‘Mexican Radio’.

Says Prieboy who is nearing script completion on the project: “I just started goofing around with the idea about a year-and-a-half ago, and it just sort of took off. It’s not just about ‘an Axl-like character’. It’s about music in the Reagan years. There’s a lot of knife-throwing at a lot of people in rock’n’roll.”


Among the songs featured are titles like ‘Cocaine And Blowjobs’, ‘I Think I Wrote A Symphony’ and ‘Give ‘Em The Meat’.

Prieboy, however, should take note of the chill wind blowing in from the East Coast regarding the US public’s seeming current (lack of) appetite for musicals. Paul Simon has just lost $(US)11 million on his Broadway musical The Capeman which he has announced will close on March 28 after a critical savaging and a less-than two-month run.

The Capeman now stands as Broadway’s biggest flop ever. The musical was based on the life of the New York City’s notorious Latino underworld figure Salvador ‘The Capeman’ Agron. In 1959, aged 16, Agron knifed to death two teenagers; Simon said that his controversial stage show was “not about murder but about redemption.” Pressure groups such as Parents Of Murdered Children picketed the pavement outside the show and are now reportedly “thrilled” at its closure.

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