Guns N’ Roses classic line-up to ‘headline two UK festivals in 2017’

Reunion rumours continue to circulate

The original Guns N’ Roses line-up are reportedly set to play two UK festivals in two years’ time.

Loaded claims that an insider source has said the original band line-up will headline the Isle Of Wight and Download festival in 2017.

It’s believed that a comeback tour won’t happen for another two years to allow Rose and Slash complete all their existing commitments.


Rose apparently wants to play more gigs in 2016 to show some loyalty to his existing bandmates, who have toured under the Guns N’ Roses name ever since guitarist Slash and fellow original members Duff McKagan and Steven Adler left during the 1990s.

NMEDerek Bremner/NME

It is also thought that the band have ruled out any plans to headline Glastonbury with the source adding: “The simple truth is that Glastonbury doesn’t pay enough money to its headliners for GN’R to consider playing there. Also, Michael Eavis doesn’t have many hard rock acts at Glastonbury and everyone in the camp wants the comeback to be as hard and heavy as possible.”

Rumours that Guns N’ Roses will reunite in 2016 recently increased after the band began selling new merchandise that features the group’s original line-up.

Blankets and a hockey jersey emblazoned with the band’s ‘Appetite For Destruction’ album cover were placed online. Cartoon versions of the five original band members as skeletons were also made available.

Slash and Axl Rose have previously feuded over the trademarks of the band’s old logos in the past, suggesting that the pair have come to an agreement of some sort to sell the new merchandise.