Richard Fortus: “2016’s going to be a big year for Guns N’ Roses”

Fortus also hints that another guitarist may have joined the band

Guns N’ Roses guitarist Richard Fortus – previously thought to be the band’s only remaining guitarist after the departures of Bumblefoot and DJ Ashba – has suggested that 2016 is set to be a big year for the band.

Speaking to his hometown St Louis radio station KSHE95, Fortus quipped “2016 is going to be a big year for the band,” repeating his statement twice with a clarifying “definitely” the second time.

“We’re just waiting for the right offer and the right scenario. He’s very particular about doing things the right way,” Fortus said about Axl Rose and future gigs.

He was also extremely reluctant to clarify that he remains the only guitarist in the band.


While the situation remains extremely murky, there’s no doubt that Fortus’ comments will lead to further speculation about the status of GnR and Slash, with reports that the former guitarist and frontman Axl Ross have made up emerging from a Slash interview with Swedish television last week.

The band have had an extremely quiet year, having last performed live back in June 2014, in a series of shows in Las Vegas.

Judge Fortus’ hesitant answers to the guitarist question and 2016 for yourself, below. Music to the ears of Guns N’ Roses fans.