Guns N’ Roses manager hits out at “clueless” fans

"Funny how some of you are so clueless

Guns N’ Roses manager Fernando Lebeis has hit out at the iconic band’s “clueless” fans.

Posting on Twitter, Lebeis wrote: “Did some light reading on some forums today, funny how some of you are so clueless, yet speak from a standpoint of assumption and spread the trash you call ‘your opinion’ as fact in your little community.”

Although the specific reason for Lebeis’ anger isn’t explicity clear, the tweet proved anger among the band’s fans.


“That’s what happens when there’s no real information to go by, people speculate and gossip. This is a problem you (anyone currently involved in high level decisions for the band) created, so stop complaining about it”, one fan wrote.

After being accused of being “butthurt”, Lebeis responded: “Why not just take what I said and apply it to your ‘thinking’ of what happens inside this world you follow versus acting like you know more than the rest of us? I am all for smiles and happiness, unlike some…”

Earlier this month, former drummer Steven Adler shot down rumours of a GnR classic reunion, after billboards were spotted in London showing all five of the members from the classic ‘Appetite’ 1987 line-up. The website GNR.FM also teased the message ‘DESTRUCTION IS COMING’, with a map that seemed to suggest a world tour, with many points marked on the globe that aren’t part of their upcoming schedule.

The countdown however, led to details of a huge deluxe reissue of the album – consisting of five discs, seven LP’s, seven 7″s and many unreleased tracks.


I think it’s just a billboard [promoting] a box set of CDs of the GN’R collection,” Adler told Heavy. “I’m not sure, but that’s what I think it is. If it’s for the ‘Appetite Of Destruction’ lineup to be touring together again, which I have been playing for for 25 years, nobody’s said anything to me. So I really don’t know.

“But you’re definitely gonna be able to see me play ‘Appetite For Destruction’ with an amazing singer and a great band in Australia. So that we’ve all got going for us.”