Guns N’ Roses’ tour rider at Download apparently demanded a porcelain toilet

A Happy Slash

Guns N’ Roses have made headlines after reportedly demanding a porcelain toilet as part of their rider for Download Festival 2018.

The rock legends headlines the Saturday night of the metal festival last weekend, where it is claimed that they flew in Hershey bars and “extra cheesy pizzas” – with The Mirror also reporting that their rider included demands for a porcelain toilet and “super silky smooth toilet paper” in their private enclosure.

“When organisers of Download got Guns N’ Roses’ requests they were gobsmacked,” a source reportedly told the paper. “It is the biggest rider the festival has ever seen, they have never seen anything like it. But they made sure it was exactly as they wanted.”


This month will also see the band release the anniversary reissue of the classic ‘Appetite For Destruction‘.

Available in a variety of new formats featuring five discs, seven LP’s, seven 7″, the  new release is a almighty 73 tracks long, with 49 of them being previously unreleased songs.

Guns N’ Roses will re-release ‘Appetite For Destruction’ on June 29.