The dance artist's first LP since 1995 features Louise Rhodes and Lady Miss Kier...

Lamb‘s LOUISE RHODES and LADY MISS KIER from DEEE-LITE both provide guest vocals on the new album from A GUY CALLED GERALD.

Rhodes co-wrote and provided vocals on the track ‘Humanity’ back in 1997, but it has only recently surfaced and is expected to be released as a single, with a US release date scheduled for May 9. A spokesperson for Lamb told that there was no official UK release date for the single yet.

A Guy Called Gerald has also completed work on his new album, titled ‘Essence’, which will be released in late summer through K7 records. As well as featuring Louise Rhodes, the album will also feature guest vocals from Lady Miss Kier on a track called ‘Aquarius Rising’.


Gerald spoke exclusively to about his new album. He said: “The exercise is to show diversity in vocal-orientated dance music. This record was recorded over five years on both sides of the pond and it doesn’t sound like anything I’ve heard before. It is up to you to call it what you want!”

A Guy Called Gerald, real name Gerald Simpson, made his name working with fellow Mancunians 808 State in the early ’90s. His last album, ‘Black Secret Technology’, was released in 1995.

Lamb are currently demoing new material for the follow-up to last year’s ‘Fear of Fours’ album. Although a release date has not yet been set, Lamb‘s spokesperson told that he hoped something would be released from the sessions before the end of the year.

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