Gwar announce new book ‘Let There Be GWAR!’

History of the heavy metal band documented in 350 page hardcover book

Heavy metal band Gwar have announced the release of a new book ‘Let There Be GWAR!’

The 350+ page hardcover book chronicles the shock rock band’s history.

Formed in Richmond, Virginia in 1984, Gwar is comprised of a rotating line-up, including the artists and filmmakers who form Slave Pit Inc, the management and production company behind the band responsible for their outlandish costumes and elaborate stage productions.


The book has been compiled by Bob Gorman and Roger Gastman. Gorman began his work with Slave Pit Inc. in 1988 and began to archive Gwar’s history in 1997.

‘Let There Be GWAR!’ follows the band from their formation and features never-before-seen photographs alongside first hand accounts, band posters and comics. The book is available for pre-order now and will ship in September.

Last month (April 7), it was reported that Gwar are being sued by the father of late frontman Dave Brockie, aka Oderus Urungus, amid claims they stole his ashes.

NBC News reported that William Brockie, father to the late Dave, has taken legal action against the band and is accusing the members of having stolen his cremated remains, bass guitars and artwork. The lawsuit is being filed in Richmond, Virginia and Brockie is seeking $1m in compensation plus damages.

It is stated that William Brockie went to retrieve the ashes in May 2014 but was denied entry to the property in which they are being kept. Eventually he was given “a small fraction of his son’s ashes which were delivered in a used plastic bag with Discover credit card logo on it,” the suit says.

Urungus, better known as Dave Brockie died of a heroin overdose in March 2014. In August of that year he was given a traditional viking send-off involving his stage costume being set on fire.