What if GWAR never existed? Check out this brilliant metal parody of ‘Yesterday’

Introducing... yep, 'Yesterslay'

New film Yesterday depicts a universe where only one man remembers that The Beatles ever existed.

Now, in a hilarious new spoof, it’s not the Fab Four that are forgotten, but metal icons GWAR.

The new parody, wonderfully and appropriately titled Yesterslay, imagines a future where the dress-up legends of hard rock are all but forgotten.


“This video will mainly appeal to people familiar with GWAR who have also seen the trailer for the upcoming film Yesterday, about a man who wakes up from an accident in a world where he is the only who remembers The Beatles,” the video’s description reads. “So about a dozen people.”

NME recently spoke to the stars of Yesterday, along with director Danny Boyle, to imagine a world without The Beatles.

“It’s an extraordinary idea that one guy could take responsibility for all these songs,” Boyle said. “He tries to explain to people – he tries to tell them, ‘No, Paul McCartney wrote that song’ and people say, ‘Who?’ Eventually, he can’t help but accept the fame and become more popular than Jesus, which is sort of his trajectory. He gets catapulted – a bit like the Ed Sheeran story really.”

Watch the interview below.


Boyle and writer Richard Curtis also recently revealed that the film almost featured cameos from all four of The Beatles. In the end, only John Lennon appears in the film.