Gwen Stefani reveals all about Keane man

Rice-Oxley is 'Superman-talented'

Gwen Stefani has paid tribute to Keane pianist Tim Rice-Oxley, likening him to Superman.

The pair collaborated on ‘Early Winter’ on her new album ‘The Sweet Escape’, out this week. But as Stefani told MTV, the collaboration ended up being largely one-sided.

She said: “I wanted a ballad. I wanted to write ‘Eyes Without A Face’ or ‘Killing Me Softly’ or ‘Time After Time’, and he was like, ‘OK, Cyndi Lauper, got it’, like he was taking my order.”

When Rice-Oxley came back with the track, Stefani reckoned: “It was so beautiful and addictive. I didn’t really attack it because it was kind of done, lyrics and everything. It’s just like one of the most beautiful songs ever. I love it.”

Stefani continued: “He had never written outside of Keane before, but he’s like Clark Kent-subtle, but Superman-talented. I’m lucky I was his first, because I’m sure he’s going to go write with lots of girls after me.”

Speaking to MTV News, the singer also revealed the reason she ended up following up solo debut ‘Love Angel Music Baby’ so soon was a Linda Perry-penned song called ‘Wonderful Life’ that was held over.

“(I wanted ‘LAMB’ to be more uplifting and fun, not so deep. Poor little song. I had to choose between that and ‘Bubble Pop Electric’ for the last record, and I was sitting in the kitchen with my manager like, ‘Which one? Which one?’ I ended up saving ‘Wonderful Life’, and that’s probably the reason why I did this whole record.”

Stefani has suggested that she will return to her band No Doubt before making any third solo album.