Gwen Stefani set to rejoin No Doubt

No more solo albums for the singer

Gwen Stefani has said that she wants to make another No Doubt album following the release of her second solo album ’The Sweet Escape’ on December 4.

No Doubt’s last studio album was 2001’s ’Rock Steady’.

Stefani said :“I don’t think I will make another (solo album). I can’t predict anything, but I don’t plan on making one of these solo dance project records, I definitely feel myself going back to No Doubt after this to do a new album.”

She admitted that she had solo tracks left over from ’The Sweet Escape’ sessions.

She told MTV News: “I don’t really know what will happen with those other songs, there’s probably about 10 left over. I could (make) an album with them really fast! So we’ll see what happens, I mean you can always use them for something at some point or I could just listen to them myself and be greedy.”