The public are invited to the recreated club, which will be used in the forthcoming movie '24-Hour Party People', for one night only...

The HACIENDA set to be used in the forthcoming ’24-HOUR PARTY PEOPLE’ film is to be opened for a one-off party.

As previously reported on NME.COM, director Michael Winterbottom and producer Andrew Eaton have recreated the original Hacienda nightclub in a Manchester warehouse for their forthcoming film ’24-Hour Party People’.

To ensure authenticity the duo obtained the original architects drawings and spent numerous hours watching authentic Hacienda video footage in order to replicate both the club’s decor and atmosphere.


Winterbottom and Eaton’s Hacienda will also be open to the public for one night only on March 2. The event starts at 8.30pm and includes DJ sets from Hacienda legends Dave Haslam and M People’s Mike Pickering.

The location is classified until nearer the time and entrance will only be granted to ticketholders.

To apply for one of the 750 tickets, send a SAE to 24-Hour Party People, PO Box 142, Manchester, M20 8DZ. Applicants must include their name, age and home address.