This time it was a replica, built for a film about the Manchester music scene...

Filming on the forthcoming MANCHESTER film ’24 HOUR PARTY PEOPLE’ has now been completed, with the recently recreated HACIENDA nightclub being demolished once more.

Work on the Michael Winterbottom project, which documents the history of Factory Records and the Hacienda between 1976 and 1992 and stars comedian Steve Coogan as Factory Records boss Tony Wilson, was completed over the weekend (March 10).

The identical copy of the city’s most famous nightclub, which was recreated inch-by-inch for the purposes of filming, has now been demolished in a similar fashion to the original venue last year.


The new Hacienda was built in the Ancoats area of the city – the other side of town from the original club, and on March 2 it opened to invited guests, with original DJs Dave Haslam, Mike Pickering and Graeme Park.

Speaking about the set, Wilson said: “It was bad enough that I had to watch the Hacienda be knocked down once, but now you’ve made me watch it twice!”

’24 Hour Party People’ should be released in the UK later in the year or early next.