A recreation of the club is opened for one night only, for filming of the Manchester movie '24 Hour Party People'...

The legendary HACIENDA nightclub re-opened its doors in MANCHESTER this weekend – just months after it was demolished.

The club has been recreated down to the last detail for the purposes of filming ’24 Hour Party People’, the Michael Winterbottom film which charts the story of Factory Records and the Hacienda from 1976-92, from the dawn of Punk to the demise of Acid House.

The recreation has been built in the Ancoats area of the city – the other side of town from the original club, and will be dismantled after filming is completed.


Friday night (March 2) saw the club open to invited guests with original DJs Dave Haslam, Mike Pickering and Graeme Park. New Order’s Bernard Sumner briefly took control of the decks. As well as the specially selected cast of extras, the night was attended by original Happy Mondays members Bez and Rowetta – who plays herself in the film.

Original Hacienda DJ Dave Haslam co-ordinated the event, as well as consulting on the film’s soundtrack. He told NME.COM: ‘ The doors opened at 9pm and by 9.10pm, no-one was faking it, it felt entirely real. My brain couldn’t comprehend I wasn’t on Whitworth Street West. Someone came up to me afterwards and said ‘That’s the best party of the century!’ And I said ‘Which century?’…

“It didn’t feel like we were looking back, it felt completely contemporary. I didn’t want to do a night that was looking back. I feel like us and the audience gave the film-makers the perfect Hacienda night.”

Old and new Manchester came together yesterday (March 3) at a press conference dominated by Tony Wilson – a consultant on the film – and attended by Steve Coogan, who plays Wilson in the film.

Wilson said of the project: “This is an incredibly risky film, because what the actors are attempting to do is on a movie, capture a piece of youth culture. British youth culture is one of the most vibrant things in our world, and movies fail miserably.”

Coogan denied that there are any elements of Alan Partridge in his portrayal of Wilson. “There are some farcical elements in it”, he said.


“Tony comes out in this film as a kind of flawed hero. There are moments of pathos in the film and moments of humour. It’s a very human story. But he’s not as grotesque as Alan Partridge, I’m sure you’ll be pleased to hear.”

Wilson, however, had his own take on the matter.

“There is a bit of me in Alan Partridge only in the sense that all you London wankers are not really aware of the Partridge phenomenon, which is the minor local celebrity who is a local TV presenter”, he joked.

Shooting is due to finish next week, and the film is expected to hit cinemas late this year or early next. Further updates on ’24 Hour Party People’ can be found on the film’s website, [url=]www.partypeoplemovie.com