Hackers break into US radio broadcast signals and force stations to play YG’s ‘Fuck Donald Trump’

The Compton rapper's defiant single against the President picked up a lot of attention last year

Hackers have broken into broadcasting signals in the US, forcing many radio stations in the country to play rapper YG‘s single ‘FDT’ – which stands for ‘Fuck Donald Trump‘ – on repeat.

The second single from his 2016 album ‘Still Brazy’ – which also features LA rapper Nipsey Hussle – ‘FDT’ went viral after its release in March. The video for the protest song was reportedly shut down by police the following month, with authorities claiming that they didn’t realise that the crowd who had gathered for the video shoot were part of the project.

It has now been reported that hackers broke into radio signals across the country on Monday night (January 30), forcing the song to be played in its explicit form on a number of local stations (via AP). ‘FDT’ reportedly played on repeat for 15 minutes on Salem, South Carolina station Sunny 107.9 WFBS-FM – the station later acknowledged the hack in a Facebook post, commenting that “if [the hackers] do not like President Trump, then get a sign and stand on a street corner.” See the post below.

Back in September, YG invited fans on the opening night of his openly-titled ‘Fuck Donald Trump’ tour in San Diego to destroy a piñata in the shape of the now-President.

The rapper invited three fans to come up on stage to join him in beating the papier-mâchéd effigy of the then-Republican candidate with sticks. Once the piñata was decapitated and thrown into the crowd, YG then repeated the title of his infamous single before launching into a performance of ‘FDT’.