Hadouken! reveal backstage secrets

The involve planes and Bloc Party karaoke

Hadouken! have revealed how they like to relax before they go onstage – and their routine involves remote-controlled planes and Bloc Party karaoke.

Bandmember James Smith has revealed the group’s backstage secrets to NME.COM.

“We’ve bought a couple of radio-controlled choppers, and we fly them around the venues – it’s a lot more fun when you’re indoors, especially in the massive ones – we played a place in Middlesborough that had five sets of balconies,” he explained. “We’ve developed this ritual before we come onstage – we sing an a capella version of Bloc Party’s ‘The Prayer’, to psyche ourselves up – the lyrical sentiment is very poignant, if you’re about to go on.”

Smith added: “Aside from that, it’s just been life on the road – an endless stream of Alan Partridge and ‘Family Guy’ DVDs. I brought my laptop along, so I managed to remix ‘Liquid Lives’ while we were travelling. The remixes are all far more electro.”