Haim say ‘It took a lot of strength’ to wait to release their debut album ‘Days Are Gone’

LA sister trio reveal work put in to making their long-awaited debut album

Haim have revealed more details about their forthcoming debut album ‘Days Are Gone’, which will be released on September 30.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, the band say it took a lot of strength for them to hold off on releasing the album until now, with pressure coming from all sides to put out their debut before it was ready.

Youngest Haim Alana said: “Everyone was like, ‘Are you gonna put it out? Are you gonna do it?’ It took a lot of strength for us to say we wanted to wait. People dangle a lot of stuff in front of you… there were times where we were like, ‘Shit, we should just put it out already.’ We’re pretty much the biggest perfectionists.”

She went on to say new single ‘The Wire’ was recorded upwards of 20 times before they found a version they were happy with. The sisters all agreed singer and guitarist Danielle is the most meticulous of the band, sweating every decision.

The album was recorded this year in Los Angeles during gaps in their touring schedule. Producers include James Ford, who recently put the finishing touches to Arctic Monkeys‘ fifth album ‘AM’ and Usher and Vampire Weekend producer Ariel Rechtshaid. Eldest sister Este added: “I think if we could we’d put it out tomorrow.” Listen to ‘The Wire’ below.