Haim give update on their long-awaited new album

It's coming - 2017 looks good

Haim have given an update on their long-awaited second album – which is now due for release next summer.

The new record and follow-up to 2013’s acclaimed ‘Days Are Gone’ has been in the works for quite some time, and was originally pencilled for release back in Autumn.

Now speaking to Entertainment Weekly, the sister trio have provided an update on the record’s sound, progress and revealed that it will eventually see the light of day in summer 2017.


“We decided we were going to do what we’ve always done,” said guitarist Danielle Haim, on their fusion of classic rock, pop and R&B. “We wanted to get back to our so-called roots. We needed just it be the three of us in the beginning. We just wanted to get back in the zone.”

Speaking of the delay from Autumn 2016 to Summer 2017, she added: “We write everything, we play everything, and we help produce everything. These things take time, and we refuse to put out anything we’re not 100 percent in love with.”


Haim have also been working with ex-Vampire Weekend member Rostam Batmanglij and ‘Days Are Gone’ and Brandon Flowers’ producer Ariel Rechtshaid.

“There’s a lot of cooks in the kitchen anyway,” said multi-instrumentalist Alana. “There’s three perfectionists in our band, and to add anymore people would be too much of a party.”

She continued: “To get to ‘Days Are Gone’, it took us seven years. We’re super excited for the next chapter, to just tour our hearts out and really hit the ground running in 2017.”


As well as revealing that she plays a fretless five-string bass on the album, bassist Este Haim added: “You don’t even know what’s coming for you. I’m warning you. You. Don’t. Even. Know.”

The band debuted a roadtested a number of tracks from the record earlier this year, before cancelling their remaining European tour dates to focus on the album.


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