Haim on new album delay: ‘We would have been worried if we didn’t think we were making awesome shit’

New album 'Something To Tell You' will be released in July 7 after a four year wait

Haim have discussed the long wait for their upcoming second album, explaining that they “would have been worried if we didn’t think we were making awesome shit”.

The trio of sisters release new album ‘Something To Tell You’ will be released on July 7. It’ll follow their 2013 debut ‘Days Are Gone‘.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, the band talked about how the record has been four years in the making. “If someone else wrote our songs instead of us, we’d be quicker,” Alana said, with Este adding: “We go over every single sound, every single beat.”


Asked if they were worried that people would forget about the band during their time away, Alana replied:  “Maybe we would have been worried if we didn’t think we were making awesome shit.”

Lead singer Danielle continued to describe how after their last tour finished in 2014 “we went right back into writing for the next album,” explaining: “We didn’t want to take any time off. But nothing really stuck. All we knew for two years was wake up, soundcheck, play the show, go to sleep and fit in a slice of pizza at some point. We needed to turn our brains from touring brains back to writing brains. When we came home, we literally got off the bus, took a nap and went right into the studio.”

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After initially finding it difficult to write songs again, the group say the breakthrough came when they penned a song for the soundtrack of Amy Schumer film Trainwreck, a song that was ultimately shelved. “We got back to just ‘write how you’re feeling,'” Alana said. “After that, we wrote hundreds of songs. It was like vomit.”

Haim are set to release a new song called ‘Want You Back’ later today (May 3). It follows on from recent single ‘Right Now’.

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Earlier this year, the band promised “classic songwriting, but also modern, exciting and fearless” tracks from their new LP. Song titles include ‘Nothing’s Wrong’ and ‘Give Me Just A Little Of Your Love’.


Explaining their perfectionism and why the follow-up to 2013’s debut ‘Days Are Gone‘ took so long to finish, bassist Este Haim said: “We write and produce everything ourselves, we don’t have writers sending songs via email.”

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Meanwhile, the trio of sisters have also announced several UK tour dates – including Reading & Leeds Festival and being among the latest additions for BBC Radio One’s Big Weekend, alongside Lorde, Lana Del Rey, Kasabian and many more.