HAIM triumph at Leeds with huge NME/Radio 1 stage headline set

It's a bid to headline the whole thing...

HAIM have closed the first day of Leeds with a huge headline set on the NME/Radio 1 Stage that acted as their unofficial bid to headline the whole festival.

After taking to the stage at 10.15PM, the Californian three-piece went straight into recent single ‘Want You Back’, which was immediately met with the fervour usually reserved for the songs from their 2013 debut.

But it’s been since four years since then, and HAIM waste no time in confirming just how far they’ve developed with a ringmaster-like ability to hold the crowd in the palm of their riff-filled hands.

“Leeds! Are we ready to fucking rock or what?!”, Danielle Haim screams in an early attempt to whip up the crowd.

Haim perform at Leeds Festival, 2017.

From here, it’s an hour that unquestionably proves how ready they are to top the bill as they unload a series of bangers that were made to be played during a festival headline set.

Take ‘The Wire’, for instance, which sees HAIM succeed in whipping up the crowd to create what is likely to be the most people sitting on their mate’s shoulders at once all weekend.

Later on in the set too, ‘Falling’ receives one of the best reactions of the weekend so far, with the song igniting the dancing shoes of the fans who had up to this point watched the set with a statue-like silence.

It’s an absolute triumph, and headlining seems like the only option next time around.