Halsey slams genres in music: ‘It’s just absolute bullshit’

Star also reveals how her collaboration with Justin Bieber came about

Halsey has revealed she thinks sticking to musical genres in 2016 is “absolute bullshit”.

During an interview with Rolling Stone, the star – who recently released her debut album ‘Badlands’ – went on to state that she feels like her own sound “doesn’t fit in” with the stereotypes.

When asked if she believes the lines between genres are more permeable right now, Halsey replied: “Genre in 2016 is just absolute bullshit. Half the records on hip-hop radio are pop records at their core, and half the records in fucking alternative radio are pop. And pop radio doesn’t even know what the fuck it’s doing.

NMEJordan Hughes/NME

“I end up pleading my case to alternative programmers — you’re telling me that my music is too dark for pop, too pop for alternative, and urban radio won’t touch it — so we have a record that doesn’t fit in. And what is more alternative than that?”

The singer went on to reveal how she came to feature on pop star Justin Bieber‘s ‘Purpose’ album track, ‘The Feeling’, claiming: “You hear, ‘Oh, Justin would never put a no-name like Halsey on his record. [Bieber’s manager] Scooter must be representing her,’ which isn’t the case at all! But they asked, and, like, pop music is fucking fascinating to me.

“I also learned how quickly I could go from having never met someone to having the world think I’m dating them. My mom texted me, ‘Are you dating Justin Bieber?’ I was like, “Mom, what the fuck? Don’t you think I would tell you?” But when we performed on the Today show, it was just so real, so emotive, so evocative — two people connecting in this love song. There was a moment where I think he and I were both kind of like, “Are we… Are we… is this real?”

Halsey’s association with Bieber doesn’t stop with their collaboration, with the Jersey-born singer recently covering his Number One single ‘Love Yourself’, changing the dismissive title to ‘Fuck Yourself’.