Halsey says BTS’ Suga “added a whole new perspective” to ‘Lilith’

The pair released their rework of ‘Lilith’ for 'Diablo IV' earlier this month

Halsey has opened up about what it was like working with BTSSuga on the rework of ‘Lilith’ for Diablo 4.

Earlier this month, Halsey unveiled a reworked version of her 2021 song ‘Lilith’, which originally appeared on her fourth album “If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power’. The new version of ‘Lilith’ featured a brand-new verse from BTS rapper Suga.

Speaking to Billboard, Halsey said that the collaboration, which she described as “revolv[ing] around our mutual admiration for dark mythology”, had been a “longstanding dream” for the singer. Notably, the duo has previously collaborated on ‘Suga’s Interlude’, from Halsey’s third studio album ‘Manic’.


“Together, we were able to infuse the anthem with intricate narratives that encompass a wider range of emotions I wouldn’t have been able to tell without him,” Halsey continued. “He added a whole new perspective to the song. Plus, it was just honestly really cool to do something so badass with my friend.”

Elsewhere in the interview, the singer also spoke about how she would “never say no to working with” any of the members of BTS. Halsey had first collaborated with the boyband in 2019 on the latter’s hit single ‘Boy With Luv’.

“They are always so dedicated and committed, and they bring singular talent to everything they do,” she added. “It’s always one of my favourite parts of the year when we have something collaborative going on, because then we actually get to hang out!”

Meanwhile, Halsey previously touched on her friendship with Suga and why they have such a special connection, saying that they are “strangely (and sometimes wordlessly) connected on a creative wavelength”.

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