Halsey celebrates her birthday by sharing deluxe version of ‘Manic’ and a nostalgic video for ‘929’

"You guys have made me who I am today"

Halsey has shared a deluxe version of her 2020 album ‘Manic’ and a video for ‘929’ to mark her 26th birthday.

The deluxe version of her LP, which was released in January includes studio recordings of ‘wipe your tears’ and ‘I’m Not Mad’, plus stripped-down versions of songs like ‘3am’ and ‘Alanis’ Interlude’. You can listen to it below.

Sharing a new video for ‘929’ the singer also wrote on Twitter: “Honouring the tradition of presents for you on my birthday. here’s a special music video for ‘929’ you guys have made me who I am today.”


Directed by Peter Donaghy, the clip opens with a crib and a rocking horse. “I really was born at 9:29 a.m. on 9/29,” Halsey says with a laugh. “You think I’m lying but I’m being dead serious / Okay, I’ll prove it.” As the camera shifts to home video footage of her family, she sings: “Well who am I? I’m almost 25 / Can’t remember half the time that I’ve been alive.”

‘Manic’ was awarded four stars by NME when it was first released back in January, describing the singer as having always “kept her true personality partially obscured in her music. Here, though, she invites us into the world of Ashley Frangipane.”

Machine Gun Kelly and Halsey recently teamed up for a new pop-punk collaboration, ‘Forget Me Too’.


Meanwhile, it was also recently announced that Halsey has been cast in the forthcoming television series, The Player’s Table.

The singer will also serve as the series’ producer, which is based on the 2020 Jessica Goodman novel, They Wish They Were Us.

Halsey will star in the show alongside actress Sydney Sweeney, noted for her roles in Euphoria and The Handmaid‘s Tale. The two previously collaborated in Halsey’s music video for her 2019 track, ‘Graveyard.’

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