Halsey explains comments comparing Kendrick Lamar to Lady Gaga

Singer had argued that female artists find it more difficult to remain 'alternative' in eyes of public

Halsey has explained comments she recently made comparing Kendrick Lamar to Lady Gaga.

The US singer will release new record ‘Hopeless Fountain Kingdom’ on June 2. It’s the follow-up to her 2015 top 10 debut ‘Badlands’.

During a recent interview, Halsey argued that female artists find it more difficult to remain “alternative” in the eyes of the listening public, citing Lamar and Gaga’s careers in the process.


“Kendrick [Lamar] has done a Maroon 5 feature, a Taylor Swift feature and a Sia feature — which is more pop features than I’ve done,” Halsey said. “No one’s calling him a pop star. But I’m being called one, even though I’m inherently an alternative artist. I don’t know if it’s a male thing, I don’t know if it’s an urban thing. I don’t know what it is. But if you’re a female alternative artist and you do anything that’s even slightly pop leaning, it’s condemning.”

She continued: “The lengths that Lady Gaga has to go to to maintain her cred as an artist of the counterculture are insane. If she does anything that’s even slightly too-pop people are going to be like ‘she sold out. She’s a pop artist.’ Kendrick Lamar can get on a Taylor Swift song and no one calls him a popstar, but Lady Gaga has to wear raw meat!”

After one Twitter user wrote: “Halsey is so dumb. Of course no one calls Kendrick a pop star because he is a RAPPER meanwhile she struggles to make pop music”, the singer responded saying: “The point wasn’t even about me. The point was how it’s harder for female artists to maintain counterculture because they get boxed into pop”.

Halsey continued to argue that female artists are “more likely” to be labelled as pop, adding: “It was just a discussion about beauty/tabloid culture effects female artists”.

See Halsey’s tweets in full below:


So far, Halsey has released the songs ‘Now Or Never’ and ‘Eyes Closed’ from her new album.

Halsey has also announced that she will be touring with Charli XCX and PartyNextDoor in support of her album during September, October and November.

Announcing the news on Twitter, Halsey wrote: “This is the biggest tour I’ve ever done. and I’m gonna bring u the biggest show to go with it”.