Halsey hits the road in strange, cinematic video for ‘Bad At Love’

The new effort follows a 'Romeo & Juliet'-inspired clip for 'Now Or Never'

Halsey has revealed the video for her new single, ‘Bad At Love’.

The pop star released her second album, ‘Hopeless Fountain Kingdom‘, earlier this year. In a four-star review, NME said: “‘Hopeless Fountain Kingdom’ gets by on a universal quality, but there’s a personal touch you don’t find on everyday pop full-lengths.”


The track is the second from the record to get an official music video, and it follows the cinematic, Romeo & Juliet-inspired clip for ‘Now Or Never‘.

In the video, Halsey stops at a gas station on the open road, where she meets a tarot reader wearing a bird mask, three new friends and some futuristic looking policeman, who the new gang handcuff to their car.

Watch it below, via Idolator.

Recently, Halsey spoke about about the “skepticism” around female artists.

In a joint interview with Charli XCX, the star talked to Billboard about the subject of how female musicians are talked about in terms of songwriting. “There’s a skepticism behind female artists in general,” Halsey said. “From when I first started, I wrote [my music].”


Charli added: “And people were like, ‘Oh, who wrote your songs?’ There’s so much doubt, especially with being a pop star and being a female. Taylor Swift, amazing songwriter. Katy Perry, amazing songwriter. Lady Gaga, amazing songwriter.”

Halsey then replied: “People want to discount them.”