Halsey leaks new version of ‘Manic’ deep cut on social media

"prolly gon get in trouble for this but, happy pride !"

Halsey has thrown caution to the wind today (June 15) by releasing an alternate version of a deep-cut from her latest album ‘Manic’ on social media, seemingly without permission.

‘Wipe Your Tears’ featured as an exclusive bonus track on the Japanese edition of the album, which dropped earlier this year.


“prolly gon get in trouble for this but, happy pride !” Halsey wrote on Twitter.

“here’s the full OG version of wipe your tears. my favorite wlw song of mine that ended up on a special release of Manic…if it gets taken down it ain’t my fault.”

After a fan responded saying that this version is “superior” to the final version of the song -which just comes short of two minutes in length – Halsey said that there’s actually a third version of the song in existence.

Later on, she revealed that the third version has a featured artist on it, which is why she can’t release it.


She then gave a tongue-in-cheek attempt at removing herself from the situation and her responsibility for leaking the demo.

“Y’all gonna get me in trouble now shush,” she wrote.

“If I ever leaked a demo version of a song, I don’t leak it bc I did. No I didn’t”

‘Manic’ dropped in January of this year, preceded by the singles ‘Without Me’, ‘Graveyard’ and ‘You Should Be Sad’. It also had an array of features, including Alanis Morrissette, Dominic Fike and BTS’ Suga.

Of ‘Manic’, NME said that “Halsey has made a record that is as thrilling as it is vulnerable, and her best effort yet.

“This is Ashley’s world; it’s really nice to meet her.”