Halsey opens up about her mental health and pop rivalries in revealing new interview

"It was a lot of things happening at once and a complete lack of direction"

Halsey has opened up about her mental health issues in a revealing new interview in which she also discusses her perceived pop rivalry with Ariana Grande.

Discussing her hospitalisation after a suicide attempt aged 17, together with her subsequent bi-polar diagnosis, Halsey said a lot of factors contributed to her illness at the time.

Speaking to Glamour, Halsey said: “It was a lot of things happening at once, with a complete lack of direction.”

Halsey added that the experience and diagnosis helped her to realise that she wanted to live, something that has helped her in recent years following a series of difficult events in her personal life. “Thank God I learned it then,” Halsey told Glamour, adding: “Given what I’ve been experiencing the past couple of years…if I hadn’t already had my meltdown, who knows when it would have happened.”

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Halsey went on to discuss how she copes with increasing media scrutiny and criticism: “I have obviously been given this massive privilege and responsibility to effect change…at the end of the day, no matter how meaningless one person might consider my art, it could have meant the world to somebody else.”

The star also discussed her perceived rivalry with Ariana Grande, saying her relationship with Grande and others is nothing but “supportive”, something that helps them all to cope with the pressures of being a female in the music industry.

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande

Halsey said: “We live in a world where women are required to be so fucking original, it’s crazy…there are so many male artists who are regurgitations of each other: They all fucking dress the same, they all have the same stylist, they all wear the same fucking clothes, they write with the same writers.

“I will say one thing about my generation of artists: we are just not fucking having it. Lorde, Ariana…if you open any of our text messages at any given time, all of us are just like, ‘Yo, I love your new record. When are you leaving for tour? We’re so supportive.”

Recently, Halsey unveiled a new remix of ‘Without Me’, featuring a verse from Juice WRLD. Upon release in October, the original track went on to become Halsey’s most successful to date – topping the US Billboard Top 100 and reaching number three in the UK singles charts.

Halsey’s latest collaboration came after she previously gave her own take on Juice WRLD – covering the rapper’s ‘Lucid Dreams’ during a performance on BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge last year.

Halsey also took part in another high profile collaboration last year – with Panic At The Disco’s Brendon Urie.

The pair are known for their close friendship, and Halsey previously revealed how she opened up to Urie about being bullied at school.