Halsey sparks debate after discussing need to support sex workers

"Just to be clear. I DO support sex workers. I support consenting humans in the field. "

Halsey has sparked online debate after discussing the need to support sex workers online.

The ‘Nightmare’ singer has previously discussed how she almost turned to sex work to avoid homelessness in her younger years, and this weekend touched on the subject again with posts across Twitter and Instagram.

“Getting a lot of sh*t because I posted #supportsexworkers on my story last night,” wrote Halsey.


“Just to be clear. I DO support sex workers. I support consenting humans in the field. My statement obviously excludes people forced into sex work. It all comes back to autonomy and choice.”

“I notice every day that the conversation surrounding feminism is both bigger but more nuanced than ever with social media as a platform. I try, and I hope you try, to be mindful of cultural and regional differences that complicate the conversation.”

Discussing the “cultural differences”, she said: “Let’s open this conversation. Is this a cultural difference? I’ve noticed most of the people “cancelling” me and rejecting the idea seem to come from LATAM. personally in the states I’m friends with many men and women who work in “sexual” fields and they are empowered by it.


“There is definitely a socioeconomic element that comes into play. But I don’t think it’s responsible of us to generalize all sex workers as “poor women”?

“Part of #supportsexworkers means regulating the field so it can be a safer environment for the people involved. It doesn’t just mean support them for personal pleasure. It means stand by them and fight for their rights to do the job they’ve chosen,” she further explained.


“But it’s not paid consent. It’s payment for a service. From a consenting individual. If anyone in the field follows me and wants to join the conversation I’d love to hear your perspective.”

While the complex debate saw Halsey discussing the many sides and arguments of sex work, not everyone was convinced.

“Y’all cancelling halsey but she didn’t lie. Women who choose to go into sex work and women who are forced to are two separate groups. Sex work and sex trafficking are totally different!! Stop calling women who choose sex work sl*ts and stop looking down on them,” said one user.

This comes only days after Halsey released ‘Nightmare‘ – her first track of 2019.

Posting the song on Twitter, Halsey wrote: “Imagine getting onstage every night and seeing young women sweating mascara tears, lightning in their eyes, throwing elbows and raising fists, screaming till the veins in their necks raise under warm skin, and not being inspired by it. This song is about you, for you.”

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