Halsey teases new single ‘Without Me’ – watch

The track will be released next month

Halsey has teased her new single ‘Without Me’ with a brand new visual. It marks her first new material since last year’s album ‘hopeless fountain kingdom‘.

Originally unveiled during her London gig on Sunday (September 23), the new video shows flashing images of the singer under pouring water, with lyrics  “Said I’d catch you if you fall” and “Does it ever get lonely?” coming up on screen.

After debuting the video, the singer told the London audience that the forthcoming track will released on October 4. You can watch the teaser below.


Earlier this week (September 24), Halsey described Machine Gun Kelly as “pathetic” after her apparent relationship with the rapper was dissed by Eminem and G-Eazy.

Eminem claims that Kelly is “salty” because of G-Eazy’s on-off relationship with Halsey during his diss track ‘Killshot’.G-Eazy, meanwhile, says that Kelly would be “mad”, because he collaborated with Halsey on ‘Him and I’.

Halsey took to Twitter to let her thoughts be known, “how *absolutely* pathetic”, she wrote.

Kelly has previously claimed that he had “smashed” the singer – after the pair reportedly dated in 2017. “Did you really smash [G-Eazy’s] girl?”, Charlamagne tha God asked in recent US radio interview.


“Yes! Many of them,” Kelly responded.

“Did you smash Halsey?” said Charlamagne.

“Absolutely”, Kelly said.

Kelly later insisted that it was “whack” that she had been dragged into the feuds. It comes after Kelly was dragged into a feud with Eminem after he was dissed on surprise album ‘Kamikaze’. It marked the beginning of a back-and-forth between the pair.